Why you are a drug addict

Why are you an addict? (from the creators of “Why are you a schmuck” (click here!) The answer is simple – anything that changes consciousness affects the reward of the brain, releasing dopamine and getting pleasure artificially. But all good things come to an end and the brain produces less and less neurotransmitters and decreases the number of receptors themselves in this reward system. Very roughly speaking, this is our favorite tolerance.

It is needed to protect you from madness, and so that you don’t die of happiness. Because of it, addicts have to constantly increase the dose to make it “like back then”.

But everything written above refers not only to what you thought. I mean addiction to memes, TV shows, social networks, caffeine, and even sports. After all, before training, we prepare for the worst, we don’t care that tomorrow everything will hurt, that there will be shortness of breath, dizziness and a frantic heartbeat with an increase in temperature. Anyway, at the end we feel happiness. Since endorphins are being produced. All of this is quite applicable to other dependencies as well. Therefore, whatever one may say, but we are still dependent on something. But on what exactly is up to you. In my opinion, life should be adjusted so as to be addicted to highs in obtaining happiness without artificial substances (including tobacco with alcohol, but this is no longer about me).

It brings me pleasure to see the green color in the tracker every day, to know that I am doing what I love and not to be afraid of tomorrow.

It happened that the word “desire” plays a huge role in my life. Therefore, I wish you to tune your thinking only for pleasure, best of all doing it on the desires and pleasures of others!

You can read why I started writing about this by clicking here.

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