50-Year-History Of Lotteries Worth $ Billions

The lottery in its modern form appeared in 1466, that is, 553 years ago! Lotteries existed in ancient times all over the world – from China to Ancient Rome, in which they were first associated with the era of the reign of Julius Caesar. Under him, this gambling was already used to raise funds, which later went to the development of the state – the repair and construction of buildings, bridges and roads. There were also charitable lotteries for the poor in the form of drawing lots with winning tickets. Actually, the draw was also known from ancient Greek myths, but it can also be considered an ancient prototype of the modern lottery. Soon lotteries spread throughout Europe, becoming a source of income for many states, thanks to which many public buildings were built – today it is difficult to imagine the appearance of certain cities without them. For example, the funds raised from lotteries were used to build the British Museum, the Sydney Opera House, Harvard and Yale Universities, and even the Great Wall of China. In England, the introduction of lotteries by Elizabeth I at the very beginning of her reign played a huge role in improving the financial situation of the kingdom, which at that time was experiencing serious economic difficulties, the way out of which was seen only in the need for the young queen to enter into a profitable marriage, which confirms the huge cash turnover in this sphere.

Particularly interesting is the history of American lotteries, which had a direct impact on the construction of the British colony in America. It was originally funded by private funds collected through lotteries. The money from their implementation went to the construction and maintenance of the colony. In the independent state, lotteries also continued to play a huge role in the building of the United States. Thanks to the profits from the lotteries, hundreds of schools, hospitals, churches and libraries were built in the country, not to mention many colleges and universities, including the largest.

In the United States, there are games in different states, the record win in one of the local non-state lotteries – “Mega Millions” – in 2012 amounted to almost 656 million dollars! We will mainly work with this!

The turnover in this niche is billions of dollars, and it is not difficult to bite off some of it. 70-80% of the adult solvent population in developed plays lotteries countries on a regular basis! Many families have a tradition of buying a ticket “for good luck” once a week. Draws of millions of dollars are held weekly, thereby inspiring people to buy new tickets. It’s not a matter of earning a little for a month. I am ready to devote my whole life to my work. Since these are not some constantly appearing financial pyramids, Bitcoins or bet predictions. This is a really stable and profitable business that will bring good profits and feed more than one generation!

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