The groundhog day? What I do?

A little about my day.

If I’m not traveling and doing anything, my usual day looks something like this every time: I get up at 4 am every day without an alarm clock (my biological clock is probably good), drink water, set up specifically for this purpose, I look at the statistics in the application what time I fell asleep, roll over on the other side, hug a bunch of toys and fall asleep again.

On average, I get up at 11 o’clock, eat what is left in the evening and go to the pool or gym (I alternate every day). After exercising, I eat or drink something sweet-dietary in the same place and go to the office to smash people (I will always find what for, according to my tradition).

I go to my favorite forums, especially STM and Affiliatefix, look at the tracker again, tell who what to do and wait for DailyFood (in my office I force everyone to eat only from this delivery and go to X-fit, when ordering 5 season tickets and 5 food sets for day, they give very good discounts. I think that those who cannot keep track of their body and brain, cannot keep track of their work, I get a little sleepy in social networks (I try to get out of the habit) and most often go to my friends or to my house.

We always order something tasty there (for at least two years there was nothing in the refrigerator except ordered food, and the trash bin consists exclusively of containers and chopsticks, I only use glasses at home).

What happens further is according to the mood. We can go to a hookah bar (I have two weaknesses: eat well and smoke well. And I am one of those who have been in the hookah movement for a long time and most often smoke pure tange with doha), go shopping or go down at home. Sometimes I play mortal combat, sometimes I make a hookah at home, sometimes I collect a party. There are a lot of options, in fact.

As soon as it gets bored, I drink melatonin and go to sleep.

In the last days, I am writing to you, guys. You ask “Where was goodness now?”, And I wrote this so that you would understand that I am the most ordinary person, but living on a high because I can afford it. Make basses on the speaker high and jump into the Don, so to say. Just because I’m high. After all, this is my life, which is not so long. The ass needs to be lifted for all the possibilities are there.

The point of the post is to make you think about your usual day. And do you want it to be the same tomorrow?

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