How we will be paid? Click payment methods.

When buying clicks, the manager constantly asks something like, “How will you pay?” And now I’ll tell you what the payment models for user actions are

CPA (Cost Per Action) – price per action. That is, the user did what we need and we get paid!

CPS (Cost Per Sale) – payment for the sale. The dude bought it and everything is fine and we get paid!

CPO (Cost Per Order) – payment for placing an order (in the online store) or for a confirmed order. Almost the same.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) – payment for a lead. Almost like CPA

CPI (Cost per Install) – installation fee. As I told about the Anti-Virus.

But more often it is either:

CPC (cost per click) is the cost of each click, Or

CPM (cost Per Thousand Impression or cost per mile) – payment for impressions in the amount of 1000 pieces.

These are not all, but the main ones. I prefer to use both CPC and CPM, then I analyze what brought the most profit and leave the leader. To a large extent, the results depend on the quality of the creative (most often the banner). In the evening I will tell you how I usually spend my day.

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