Tiers Of Countries

For newcomers: since the channel is only a few days old, I highly recommend reading all the previous posts to understand the next ones as they are interconnected.

Since I work with the whole world, today we will talk about the types of countries. By default, these are divided into 3 types (according to their standard of living).

1) Rich countries in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, USA

2) Less wealthy countries in Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Rich countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America (Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, South Africa, Thailand).

3) Everything else (India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Brazil …).

What is it for? The cost of a click of our users directly depends on this very type of country. What I want to say. The higher the class, the more expensive user clicks, more pay for a purchase, and stricter rules. Someone divides by 5 too: http://www.brusmedia.com/country-tier-targeting/

The easiest way to start was with the second type. Since it showed itself best of all right away.

Next time I’ll tell you about the distribution of working and life time.

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