Tracker is the most important tool!

Today we’ll talk about my favorite Tracker. It is needed (even necessary) for the distribution, analysis and optimization of our customer flow. That is, not directly, a person sees, for example, a banner on the site, zaps at it, goes to our site and places an order, and in the meantime, the tracker haws all information about it through redirects. From which site, which platform did you switch from, what brand of the phone, which version of android, browser version, installed language, mobile operator, ip, time and everything. Why the heck? To optimize and reduce costs when purchasing advertising. If we see that most of the purchases are made, for example, from computers on Windows 8 from the Vodafone provider, the Chrome 73 browser version with English from 7 to 9 pm in Pakistan, then now we will pay only for people like this, and not for everyone in a row, from which we do not receive money, but pay for advertising.

The tracker can do so much that a book can be written about, not just one post. Scattering people according to parameters, goods. For example, if you switched from Russia from an iPhone, then you can redirect to accessories on an iPhone (figuratively) and if an American goes to the same link, we will offer him to buy a smoke. The possibilities are almost endless and we won’t waste a single paid click.

Let’s say in one of the campaigns in the USA we see that in the context of purchases by phone brands, the owners of iPhones and Samsungs want to get rich in about the same way by buying a ticket using my link.

In the tracker, I see every day how much money has dripped there today. Next, I’ll tell you how to solve the problem with taxes with constant replenishment in foreign currency.

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