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As you already understood, I am a fan of going to restaurants, hookah bars and other establishments. Almost all the time I devour free Wi-Fi, while sitting with my computer. All the girlfriends I walk with say: “I would sit Vk day and night, and you endlessly peep into your numbers. Do they tell you something? ” -Yes, damn it, these sure do.

Without activity, analysis and optimization, my brain will turn into a soulless useless bitch, just like all statistics. By the way, the above actions take up most of my time in my work. Since the market has the property (in our case, slowly and smoothly, but still) to change. Without this, there will be no progress in any area of ​​activity.

I do not understand at all how you can spend your life in a simple existence. We just have to be either productive or loving life. Ideally, this should be combined.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about such a magic thing with numbers as a tracker, without which I’m like with no hands, because I still cannot completely entrust this miracle to my employees. For example, a cutaway screen for today 12.04 to 16:00 at the time of writing the post (the main heat usually starts in the evening). I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

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