Peculiarities Of Translation Of Advertising Creatives

I really love learning languages. At the moment, I speak fluently (well, almost) in Italian, Spanish and German. I do this mainly because of the interest in building the language itself, but it also helps a lot when creating advertising creatives. After all, you need to “offer” our lottery tickets and hemp products as efficiently as possible, the income directly depends on this (see above the 3rd post about the Offer). By understanding the physics of a language, one can understand the thinking of a native speaker. Surprisingly, thinking can change from person to person, even just due to the construction of sentences. In the same German language, the question is put in the first place, and the negation in the last. That is, in order to offer something and quickly interest a German, you need to take everything into account, and they are mostly busy people, simple and clear-cut.

Very often, a complex word consisting of two roots can be joined by one part, then another, etc. (example in the photo). The guys don’t bother too much and we must take this into account. But since we will work with the whole world and will not learn all languages, I found an excellent translation service, on which it is native speakers who know all the subtleties sit. And no google translator can compare with them, believe me, I’ve tried a lot of things. For now, register so as not to lose, it will definitely come in handy! CLICK HERE. Next, we’ll talk about spending money. If you don’t have them, it will still be useful. After all, the poor, as you know, always only get poorer, and the rich get richer.

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