I’m a woman. This can be the last line, but for the same reason I will continue. One of the first difficulties was a complete lack of understanding by the family. I still don’t understand how but most likely I raised myself because from an early age I did not agree with my parents in everything. I was told at the age of 7 that “it should be so and so.” Finishing with the structure of the world and the rules of conduct. But I loved and love my parents, so I pretended to obey them and kept a lot to myself. I did not run away from home, did not make scandals, did not get tattoos on my ass, and did not dye her hair blue. I went through the teenage rebellion outwardly calm. Complete denial of the system and not a desire to be like everything around. I didn’t want to live like all the people around me. Only older guys, exclusively men, understood me. I am still very happy about this company and their moral support.

I studied well in school and was good at counting, especially money. Without wandering about interviews, I started to earn money on the Internet without leaving my home. Of course, the first attempts failed without explanation. At first, I had setbacks, depression and again looking for money directions. I will omit all methods. I came to what I am doing now. But if on the first few attempts I spat and gave up, preferring stability, I would not have the resources that I have now.

The first success was the talking hamsters at where I was paid 600 rubles for each sale. I distributed them with VKbot (I spammed them in publics, then there was almost nothing for it, only if a bunch of people complain about an account that cost 2 rubles). But it turned out that the seller was stealing some of my orders! And the hamsters themselves were of terrible quality!

More than 10 payments per day, I could not break the bar. For some, a hundred rubles a month would be a gorgeous amount (live and rejoice), but not for me. After a few more offers, I realized that the competition has become strong, and the topic is rotting in the CIS. Don’t just object to me now that many people still make money on this, I said – rotting! A lot of rubbish and other slag.

Therefore, I put in a lot of effort, read all foreign forums, including paid ones, and began to work with Europe and Asia. As I had AVG antivirus, for the installation of which I was paid $ 6. I had 20 installations per day in Thailand and Poland alone. You can calculate the profit yourself, but despite this, it turned out that I was in the red. Since the server, a bunch of freelance technical, graphic, dreary work, analytics tools and everything else cost more money than I had.

I’m actually very lazy and I don’t like doing anything with my hands. Therefore, what I no longer need, I gave everything to freelance. Then the antivirus was shut down. And you had to pay for the tools, there were some losses, there were no other similar offers. I tried many other options, and there was solid slag. There was profit, but there was no pleasure. I started trying to promote various dating sites that paid for registration. There was a profit, but it fell over time.

In the end, I had the lucky chance to find a direct lottery advertiser. So I started to privately promote lottery tickets and later hemp products. I have been doing this successfully and steadily for almost 2 years. The main thing is that I found something that warms me up, I like it and brings a good income without stress and nerves. Therefore, friends, everything is possible, never give up! There is a lot of shit in life, someone has more, someone has less (of course, we have more, and the oncoming lane is always smoother. But once we get through, our dreams come true. Therefore, we gain energy and move on to real earnings.

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