From Being A Slave To Being A King

Why are you a schmuck?

No, I don’t call names. On the contrary, if someone here thinks of themselves like that, I don’t need such subscribers. Therefore, either unsubscribe, or let’s figure it out and fix it, if necessary. And you are a schmuck because you live in the past, torture yourself from the inside, wasting energy. At night do you think that in that dialogue 2 years ago you should have answered differently and then you would have healed now?

These and not only regrets that destroy you every day and will never stop by themselves. They must be dealt with. I’m not a super psychologist and a god of trainings about self-development and the like (I’ve never watched or listened to anything like this, all my words are just from my personal experience and thoughts), but really nothing is impossible. All the barriers in your head, but you are not to blame, everything and everyone around is to blame (no sarcasm and no jokes). Parents always said it is expensive, only bad people drive expensive cars, money is evil, and so on.

So your brain is just afraid of all this because it has been programmed so for years. The world is open. There’s lots of opportunities, lots of knowledge. Why and what are you afraid of? Only you and no one else controls your thinking and the choice of who you are. You are no different from me (well, maybe the balls are smaller and softer at the moment), and I am no different from my beloved Bodo Schaefer. I can talk about this for a long time.

And you are a schmuck because you can’t get your ass off a chair and start doing business! Although, if you read this, I can’t say that about you. It’s time to embark on a new course of thinking and doing!

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