We dealt with such a thing as offer (or go to reread the post). Now let’s talk about the source of my $ .. from buyers of tickets and grass. A lot of promotion methods have been tried and tested. The simplest financial and labor costs were simply exchanges. That is, it is an aggregator where site owners who want to get some cash for placing advertisements meet those who buy this advertising space, that is, us. Thus, users all over the world see offers to purchase a ticket or hemp product. There are many options for placement: banners of various types and sizes in different places, pop-up pages in full screen, opening tabs, notifications, videos, teasers, and so on. I also negotiated with YouTube and Instagram bloggers for promotion. That is, I made one-page websites to order, uploaded to the server, ordered banners, posted through exchanges all over the world. But there were difficulties with this, the search for good exchanges took quite a long time and took a lot of the budget, but this difficulty was over.

Later I’ll tell you how, even at this stage, I managed to find additional tools to improve and optimize work, and as a result, profit.

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