Who am I?

I am an ordinary girl from Rostov. Since childhood, I wanted to meet my prince in a white Mercedes, but in fact I was friends only with the boys from the yard, and it so happened that at the moment I drive a black Mercedes with a white interior myself, being in the eyes of many boys this same prince. No, I’m not from a poor family, but the same Mercedes, and even more so, no one in the family had. When I got a computer, I was still in high school.

While everyone was playing the Sims 3 and VK games, I looked at my friends and wanted a better life. Six months later, there was no place on my pandora because of the golden charms, and my mother’s closet was already full of bags and junk. All this I earned on dropshipping talking hamsters (at the time they were very popular), also on the rings on the leg for weight loss. But it was not enough for me and I wanted more!

My parents bought lottery tickets from the fucking Stoloto every week and I was just mad about it! After all, only the owner of the casino always wins in this casino. Therefore, I found a supplier of lottery tickets in my city (at first I just bought them at the post office), ordered a website, supposedly with the release of winning tickets, uploaded it to the server where the hamsters were and sent spam from VKbot to all Rostov groups. My drop has sold more than 1000 of them. I have never been and am not engaged in any other black stuff, everything is strictly official and without even leaving home. As you understand, the profitability of this business did not leave me indifferent.

For more than 2 years I have been improving my tools, looking for new ways and now I have all the platinum cards in the best establishments of the city, the entire line of jadore perfume, all Birkin bags and in 2018 two passport changes due to the large number of stamps. My business came to autonomy with employees, first from freelance, later offline office. During this time, I learned a lot, almost completely stopping working with Russia, making turnovers only in dollars and 4-digit amounts. Many “addicted” people buy tickets at least every month and bring in money absolutely passively. At the beginning of the process of working with lottery tickets, there were failures and sometimes I relieved stress and at one point I thought, if it costs that much money with us, how much will it cost where it is legal, but the United States was interesting, where in many states where everything is legalized. I will miss some moments, but the point is that I have found and learned to promote hemp products according to the same scheme, which is really wildly popular in many countries abroad because of its medicinal properties, so my employees and I learned to make money on it. All over the world.

There is no competition at all in this niche. With a strong desire and budget, you can make at least a million dollars a month (for fans of questions and numbers). I just don’t need so much and there is no more motivation. Yes, and it will be very difficult already, but a couple of thousand bucks to the salary at the factory will be very pleasant, devoting a little time to work in the morning and evening analyzing the results and statistics. Unfortunately, she never found the prince, she acquired a bunch of pseudo-girlfriends, with the brain of chickens that devour money. Therefore, I would like to find new friends here, but if you are suitable to be my friend, we will check soon enough.

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