About attentiveness or how I lost $5k yesterday.

Shit happens of course, but I haven’t screwed up like that for a long time. Since I am a strong independent woman, despite the team of specially trained people, I still like to launch a couple of campaigns in the morning. As usual with coffee, finishing off the ice rolls left over from the evening, I decided to try to test Mexico. Working scheme: campaign in the tracker-target in the source-monitoring in Adplexity colleagues then launch! I think it’s great, we collect data for optimization and see how it goes.

I just forgot about the parking campaigns. I just remembered last night. I look and turn gray sharply. In front of me is the picture on the screen below. Minus almost $ 5k (which is 300 thousand rubles in two days …) I also got crazy from how much traffic there is in this Mexico (people who clicked on my creatives).

I quickly ask the manager what was the matter – everything is fine, everything works, but you received only 329 clicks.

I’m freaking out again. I start digging. And oh, miracle! The Mexicans, apparently, did not like American lottery tickets and my domain was blocked by Google! (Screen by clicking HERE).

That is, I paid for users to see this shameful red page, and not my calls to buy a lottery ticket and become happy …

It’s probably still useful to set limits on campaigns. And after the habit of working with European countries, checking that there are 133 million people living in fucking Mexico!

That’s the answer to the competition question. I accidentally managed to drain 5k bucks in two days. And imagine that there are a lot of such countries and you can buy out the attention and clicks of our favorite users for millions of dollars every day. This is not Yandex Direct with a bunch of rules and strict moderation, and certainly not to promote porn games on the sites of online cinemas.

The moral of the whole story is this – always be careful, you need to check everything not just to the smallest detail, but also make sure after a couple of hours that everything is working correctly. Laziness, our “Maybe” and “I’ve done this a hundred times, don’t give a shit” can come back to haunt like that in tidy sums.

Live and learn, what else can I say.

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