Friends. We have already talked about offer (if you have not seen it, click here), today I want to talk about Shave.

Let me remind you very roughly – we take an individual link with the condition that if a user clicks on it and buys a lottery ticket or product, we will receive a cash percentage from its purchase. We take ad creatives, create campaigns in the tracker with a source and, looking at the statistics of visits, wait for purchases while our creatives (for example, banners) are shown to users. In general terms it’s simple.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous companies on the market (which must give us these unique links and pay the money earned), which simply hide from us the fact that the user buys lottery tickets or CBD products. That is, they take our money for themselves, without even telling us anything. Little-known companies usually “suffer” from this, which often boast of huge payments (hiding and taking half of the orders for themselves), being rude when talking, incompetent in some matters, after the purchase they impose on users a bunch of other unnecessary products, which negatively affects their return.

Therefore, you need to work only with companies well-known all over the world, always make a test order for yourself to check its display in statistics, do not make large payments and always be friends with the manager.

Fortunately, Shave is not a very popular phenomenon, but it is simply necessary to know about it.

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