How I bought the whole country for less than 5000 rubles.

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Maybe because of my love to travel or the habit of working with different countries, I developed a great interest in geography. In short, I’m sitting in the office and spinning a large Soviet globe. And the part where there is nothing at all (Pacific Ocean), I see islands. Many little ones. Immediately I climb into Google maps, I just approach the center of the Pacific Ocean and the island of Tonga comes across first. I break through the population and language. They speak English and a little more than 100 thousand people live there. Of course, from the views from Google maps, it is clear that the solvent population is thriving there, as if everyone has a working Internet and of course they are eager to buy American and European lottery tickets. Without hesitation (I’m a woman after all) I create a campaign in the tracker and the source. I use Pop and Push traffic. Pop on everything, but I target Push like this (click on the text). And I launch it.

The result surprised me. I thought there would be very few clicks and most likely even without registrations, but it turned out to be completely different.

You can immediately open the statistics screen to see the details by day, I will speak in general for a week from the Total column by clicking here or on the screen below the text.

We have: out of 100k population 53,100 clicks on advertising (of which 29,599 are unique), 38,770 times people saw the site with a call to buy (click here), clicked on the “play” button 9,820 people, 351 registered and 32 people bought tickets.

Due to the low cost of traffic, all clicks came to me at $ 78.75 (about 5,000 rubles), and 32 purchases of tickets by users brought me $ 120. That is, I have $ 41.25 net profit for a week of impressions of this campaign, from the idea to the complete creation of which it took me 10 minutes.

With this post, I don’t want to say that $ 41 is cool (although for one of a bunch of campaigns this is also cool, because you can not only devote 10 minutes a day to this. I usually launch at least 10 campaigns every day and always optimize the old ones).

I wanted to say that you should always look for something new and interesting. Especially if it makes good money. Even if at first glance a hopeless country, which many do not know about, and the rest will not take it seriously, brought money, then just imagine what it would be like to work with the whole world at once. Not selling bread in the district in a stall and not even talking hamsters all over Russia, but actually buying offers around the world!

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