Let’s go further on terminology. Today we have a review of Fraud.

When we analyzed what Shave is (if you haven’t read it, be sure to click, otherwise you won’t understand), we saw how they can not be honest with us and hide our earned money, but in the same way we can cheat them to make a profit.

Let me explain. When we create a campaign, we need to drive traffic from the sources to the Offer to receive orders and profit. But cunning colleagues came up with regular traffic from sources to dilute motivated one. That is, bots or low-motivated users click on advertising materials, and purchases are made for a fee, a smaller payout for the offer.

Let’s say we were given a unique link to promote lottery tickets. We splurge with bot traffic and ask all friends and relatives to buy tickets, then refuse to buy. That is, we will be paid and the brothers are not in the red.

For example, at some volcano casino, they can pay $ 30 (2000 rubles) for a player with a first deposit of only 300 rubles. Of course, there is a thirst for over99999 accounts and become a millionaire in a day.

That is, fraud is, roughly speaking, a type of traffic that is prohibited by the rules of the offer, but sometimes by the same ways motivated ones are allowed. For example, installing games on your phone to increase popularity.

Various systems such as Kraken, Forensiq, etc. have already been developed and used to catch those.  Traffic is sometimes checked manually.

If you suspect fraud, all funds on the balance may be detained and not paid, and you can happen in the black list, after which no one will cooperate with you.

It’s best to always work honestly! And the fact that it is impossible to earn big money in this way is a Myth! I can’t say that I’m scattering millions straight, but you can live working completely in white.

After all, making money on the desires of people has always been and will be profitable!

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