Making $ on fappers

I constantly try to try myself in related directions and develop my owone. After all, with the same actions, it is simply stupid to expect a different or greater result.

It was decided to launch a campaign on Adult. Adult has two types: serious dating and just a type of subscription to porn sites.

So: from A to Z: (be sure to click on the blue text! There are all screenshots!)

First, select the offer (click). Let me remind you what an offer is. I chose Spain. There seem to be hot guys, well, it fits under tier 2.

Adding offers to the tracker.

From the inside, they look like this. I show it in English so that it would be clear. The user is asked who he is, who he likes, what is his name, date of birth, etc. And this data is used to register him on the dating site. For each registration we will receive $ 2.94 (approximately 200 rubles).

In order for the user to get to this page for sure, he must be lured. To do this, go to Adplexity. By keywords, we drive in something like: girl, meeting, sex, acquaintance … We select the site you like. Here are some examples (be careful, there might be boobs): First, Second, Third. We look at the Targeting, which will be useful to us later and download the site.

Then we upload it to the server.

And add it to the tracker (I changed the text a little more just in the code).

Now we create a campaign in the tracker (don’t forget to click on the blue text)

A link was generated. Now, the user who follows it will first go to our downloaded site, then to the offer site, register there and we receive money. On the day of such registrations, 10 registrations will not be difficult to do (and this is already 2000 rubles), having spent 10 minutes of my time, as I do now.

But in order for the user to follow our link, you need to take it somewhere. We select a source and buy out user visits for approximately the same targeting as we saw in Adplexity on the charts.

That is, we are creating such a campaign. And even with such a narrow targeting, we can redeem 828 thousand clicks at a price of only one and a half dollars per 1000 of these clicks (post about payment types), and out of a whole thousand, someone will definitely register. That is, in the worst case scenario, if you spend one and a half dollars per 1000 visits to our site, even if there is only one registration with a payment of almost 3 dollars, we are already twice in positive territory. That is, in the worst case scenario, I spent 10 dollars on user visits – I got 20. (This is very roughly speaking, again in a bad scenario).

We make sure that everything is set up correctly and we launch the campaign.

It turns out that the user goes to our site – from there to the offer site – registers – we receive money. I don’t think it’s worth saying that you can run as many such drips to different countries and directions.

It took me no more time to launch it than you are reading this post.

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