Today we’ll talk about Trigger. It sounds like a disease, but this is, roughly speaking, a message that encourages the visitor of our sites on a psychological level to take the required action here and now. We use them to influence human instincts. We press on greed, fear, pushing the site visitor to buy.

For clarity, I will give a few examples:

1) Scarcity. I think the most popular.

2) Simplicity. Steps to receiving an order, order in 1 click, easy application form

3) Fear. If you are not healthy, you will die.

4) Elite origin. 100% natural, the duration of the company, various certificates.

5) Deadline. Most often a countdown timer, and even better with the first item.

6) Strong statements. Bestseller, new in 2019, or even so (you can click on the red text) (

7) Authority. Malysheva recommends, Chekhova uses, and so on.

8) Mass product. We already have xxxx, 99999 refrigerators ordered # USERNAME # from # USERCITY #

9) Desire to be part of the whole. Everyone from your city is already wearing glasses and shoes. 33.5 % of friends are already on the C&L channel and so on.

10) Leading questions. Can’t find plutonium at a low price anywhere? Are you a lion with your girl? Tired of having a rest on holidays? etc.

 I can’t say that when I work, I have to invent them, as you can see, I’m not really good at it. Everything is done by freelancers or taken in spy services.

Jokes are of course jokes, but to be a pro in your field you need to see and know. I think in general you now have an idea.

To summarize: There are triggers on sites, but they should not be intrusive, distract from the main information (only supplement it) and overload the page (both visually and technically, for the user’s site to load quickly).

Thus, our vocabulary has been replenished with one more word. If you have not read, above you can familiarize yourself with other swear words, terms and concepts that will definitely come in handy to make money on people’s desires.

For which offers I actually use Triggers, you can read here.

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