Remember the other day we talked about fraud?

So when a user bought, for example, a ticket, money is credited to the balance, but with the mark “Hold” – a new word, which we will talk about today. That is, your money is held to check traffic for quality and confirm the completion of the target action (in our case, the purchase will be checked, whether the payment has passed and there are no failures or refunds), thereby checking you for honesty, namely for fraud.

The hold time depends on the promoted offer (usually no more than a few days). Sometimes it is marked as “In Processing”.

It is not painful or scary, we work completely honestly and we are not afraid of any checks. Therefore, Hold is only a matter of time for us. In CBD products, this is the time between the user’s order and the delivery of the goods (full redemption).

Thus, they protect themselves from a heap of non-redemption of orders, which our “colleagues” can make on themselves and our friends to receive rewards from orders.

Therefore, there is nothing terrible with the Hold with our working methods. Everything has its time, as they say.

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