Do you need a package? How to increase the average bill

We continue to analyze clever words. Upsell is under consideration today (in the upsell community). A bit of background: I am constantly looking and testing new CBD stores for work, in one of them I made an upsell in 40% of every user’s order. As a result, I created advertising campaigns for about 500 bucks for testing and began to wait for stunning results. There were a lot of orders, but the percentage of redemption (purchases from orders) was not pleasing. I decided to place an order for myself to check for shave, but a big black woman from the call center began to sell not one ordered jar of cbd-oil, but supposedly a course of 4 pieces. I tried to fight back and with an accent to prove the need for only one portion, but the woman kept repeating about the course, otherwise, like, nothing would work. I heroically hung up the phone, not knowing what to answer and immediately understood why they were ready to unfasten all 40% from each order (of course, excluding the selling goods). In short, do not get fooled by beautiful promises in excess of high payments, because I have not yet met more than 20-25% (and that is how much they give if you pour a normal volume).

Upselling is easier than selling to new customers, it’s like I propose to extend the tracker twice at a bargain price after purchase for 3 months. Upsells are used only when the customer is ready to make a purchase. You buy a big popcorn instead of an average one, a bigger TV and 3000 minutes in the mobile operator’s package instead of 300. If I, for example, ordered a cbd vape and they would impose a liquid on me, then this is already Cross-sell. Online stores often use an advertisement “They also buy with this product …”. This technique also increases sales by 20-30%.

An increase in the average check by offering a more valuable product to a buyer who is ready to buy, we understood that this is an upsell, when we have already bought, we increase the check even more by offering additional stuff to the main product by cross-sell. What if he wants to buy, but there are not so many bucks? Down-sell will help. We offer another product at a lower price, but with a higher margin.

So if everything is so cool, why is the store with 40% reversible shit? Because the price policy is stupid. The cost of a product offered as an upsell should be no more than 25% (compared to the price of the product selected by the buyer). But otherwise they could not have offered me such a high percentage of deductions from each purchase. Test stores wisely and don’t get fooled by candy wrappers.

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