Investment A Reasonable Person

In this post I would like to touch upon the topic of investment.

I look at the channel statistics in the Telemeter and think … The subscriber comes out 60+ rubles (yes, you, my friend), servers for $ 200 + domains, CDN, Tracker, Website translations, 4 versions of Adplexity for $ 200, payment system, training platform, mailers and just a bunch of other things for your convenience. As a result, a tidy sum was drawn, which I am even afraid to write.

Also, the profit on advertising campaigns has decreased due to the lack of time on them, which is spent on answering numerous questions to students and in the @cannabis_robot bot.

There is a lot of analytics in my work to optimize campaigns, so I sat down to analyze the channel and realized that just a couple of years ago I was chasing only instant profit. That is, to quickly make money on some offers, various hacks and other “quick money”. And what I am doing now, I would have been thrown into horror, like how is it possible at all.

BUT! Is this not an investment. At one time, outbidding the bids of “competitors” in buying traffic, I gained a base of regular buyers of lottery tickets for myself almost to zero (spending about the same amount on promotion and advertising as I earned), BUT again! To this day, they buy tickets and have already paid off a hundred times, still making a profit.

Therefore, now I am ready to invest in your convenience and usefulness of information. I am directly interested in long-term cooperation and in your earnings. Since it is from that I will receive a percentage of referrals, thereby expanding my own sources of income. I say everything as it is, unfortunately (or fortunately) there are no altruists these days. Harsh? Sorry again.

Now, why the heck am I writing this? So that you understand that investments and care for tomorrow simply must exist in our lives. The eternal pursuit of money and thoughts before going to bed where to get at least the most necessary things that do not fit into the lifestyle that you want. Where do you need to invest? No, not in Bitcoin (!) That’s right – in Yourself. To begin with, in health (then it will be much more expensive), in professional skills, in your environment and, most importantly, in education and self-development. I haven’t opened America, but most likely you are doing it. This is probably why you are still where you are. Knowledge is power. I am already very proud of you that you read my channel. Learning languages, basic knowledge of marketing, negotiations, optimization, responsibility, analytics will bring you a few steps closer to your dreams.

The main thing is not to stand still, to develop and invest in yourself. Into your brain and tomorrow!

Now you should grab any useful information to improve the quality of life.

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