Bot Traffic – Nuances Of Working With It

Hi there. Continuing the topic of various “tricks” on both sides (webmaster and advertiser), I want to tell you about the moderation of our advertising creatives and fucking traffic sources.

In the days of the dinosaurs, when I first came into this business, creatives were something like this: Example 1 and Example 2 (you can click on the red text).

That is, inflated promises, threats, magic, obvious trickery, and so on. Despite the absurdity of the examples, this is how it looked. Of course, the sources of this beauty, which clearly increase conversion, were covered over time. And now every creative is moderated by real people to identify errors, broken links, redirects and other violations of the rules of the source itself.

People have many advantages. They can be bribed, negotiated, they can be wrong. But there is also a big drawback, which costs a pretty penny – you can fuck them.

According to observations, some sources, after long and persistent sending them of our identical trash creatives, still confirm them, but just drive bot traffic. That is, our creatives receive clicks and we pay for these clicks, but these are all bot clicks. As a result, either all or the limit for the advertising campaign is debited. And you won’t really show them anything.

Here is an example of such a “bot invasion” (click). As a result, there are almost 32,000 clicks on pop traffic at a rate of just over $ 2 CPM and $ 70 into the abyss.

So love moderators and be friends with managers – these are your best friends.

But despite this, you can still bypass the keen-sighted moderators. How to do it – I’ll tell you next time.

Whoever likes to read how I waste money, I can suggest “How I lost $ 5,000 through carelessness” and then “I bought the country for 5000 rubles”.

Well, let’s try to introduce the practice of gift vouchers in posts. Let the first one be for 5000 rubles,) since this figure is here.

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