Coke with CBD

Hi, friends! Do you remember that I wrote that you can wrap CBD products in a slimmer offer?

So the subscriber sent the photo below to the @cannabis_robot feedback bot. I laughed for a long time, but even this is in demand! Demand always generates supply, and everyone wants to eat pasta and lose weight.

In the meantime, everyone’s favorite poison (Coca-Cola) wants to produce goods with CBD for pain, seizures and inflammation. They are already in talks with Canadian CBD manufacturer Aurora Cannabis Inc. to release a joint product.

Coca-Cola says the use of cannabidiol in the soft drink market is booming. After information about the possibility of Coca-Cola’s release with CBD, the shares of CBD producers began to rise.

As I wrote in the post about Milka, more and more large campaigns are starting to enter the cbd niche. Therefore, you need not to be stupid and make money on this with us, until big guys with huge budgets and a team of professionals came into the niche. You need to gather your team and become a professional yourself abroad and in the CIS as the niche comes to the regions, which is what I do.

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