Sweeps and what do you do with these?

Friends, do you remember how we launched an adult campaign together, and got these results?

Porn and dating sites concern the desires of people, which we found out, while earning money on them. People also love freebies very much and will give almost any money for it, no matter how it sounds.

There is such a vertical – sweepstakes. This is roughly a freebie. Drawings of vouchers to the store, phones, coupons, equipment and even just Nutella. The user follows our advertising materials, registers on the site to take part in the drawing, for example, a phone, and waits for the drawing itself. Sometimes a couple of dollars are needed to be paid for participation. In Runet, we have not seen this much, but it is a very popular topic in Western countries. The prizes are really delivered and people are actually registered. In our VK it looks like a repost contest. Thus, the advertiser collects a good base of new customers, to whom he can legally send a ton of advertising in the future.

Today I want to tell you about my launch of an advertising campaign on Samsung Fold. The user is offered to get the opportunity to take a brand new phone for a test usage with the ability to pick it up later by filling out a questionnaire and paying a fee of 2 euros. It looks something like this.

We go to Adplexity to look for advertising materials and by keywords and we find that someone has already made a wonderful site with a roulette wheel and allegedly winning on a test phone. Download it and greedily add it to the server. I tested for Finland. This is Tier 1 (an article about tiers of countries is here), therefore, the payment here for each registered as much as 20 bucks.

In short, add everything to our tracker (an article about it) and launch the campaign.

As a source (the article about what it is) I used megapu.sh with such a creative.

For a couple of days of running ads, I got THESE RESULTS. That is 42 registrations for $ 840. Who found out that this is clickdealer.com do not rush to launch the same campaign now. I have almost devastated little Finland, and this article is for your inspiration for new campaigns.

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