Targeting Vacation Travelers

August is already here. This prompted me to think that even in my student and school years it was absolutely unimportant that summer was slowly ending. But the majority of the population of our earthly ellipsoid is now trying as hard as possible to have a rest during the vacation seasons, which, of course, needs money to be done.

So, what will help us do this. Firstly, reworking landing pages for a supposedly seasonal offer works well. As I wrote in the topic with triggers. Or we write that a seasonal coupon is applied and when buying the prices on the site are immediately lowered. Lottery can be used to make great success stories of lottery winners who immediately set off on a dream journey (in Google, such real winner-travelers are just a bunch).

For CBD products, you can also make landing pages like “Relax on vacation”, “No more problems with the law in any state/country” and so on.

If you turn on your imagination a little, you will already be head and shoulders above your Western colleagues. In the summer, our foreign colleagues have a rest, spending their earned money, so you can squeeze out a little more, and the vacationers themselves untie their hands and wallets with savings and a wild desire to relax and indulge in everything. At these moments, we are just right there with our marketing materials to warm up the excitement and “wishlist” of the user. Further desire of people will do everything for you.

I advise you to read a post on this topic about the weekend (CLICK).

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