Bots traffic and what to do.

I will have to write about scamming your own people in our business. For some reason, in my experience, I have met such garbage only from Russians. They want to instantly get as much as possible. Therefore, many are still in the shithole.

An article about investing, so as not to be like them. (I’m not talking about Forex or real estate).

I already wrote how they can deceive us in the article about Shave. A student wrote to me with an interesting problem. He launched a campaign of the following type. Banner – our site (layout/landing page) – CBD store. There were supposedly 234 targeted interested clicks on the banner (those who switched to our landing page from the banner), but from the landing page with a description of the product and its pluses, only 10 got into the CBD store itself!

I started to study the issue. In the tracker, which can see absolutely everything, the clicks were from a strange screen resolution, and at the same time from the same not the latest version of Chrome. I began to dig further and did not understand anything. The very first suspicion that something was not right was the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of clicks further to the store. I asked for access to the source and was not even surprised. They don’t even bother with finesse. Just 118 clicks per 3 impressions. And if there were more money or many campaigns launched at the same time. These are just bots under the guise of ordinary user clicks. But we use the tracker and have experience. In short, the money was returned to the student on the same day. I will not advertise the source. Maybe they are normal lads and these are isolated cases for getting money fast, which everyone wants. But here’s the bottom line – approach new sources with caution, do have more than the minimum on the deposit at the beginning and always stay friends with the manager! I’ll be continuing my series of posts soon with good sources, so stay tuned!

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