Offers for cis countries – is it so bad?

Hi! It happened by chance that I often write about comparing states, the pros and cons, minimum wages, translation features, the mentality of the people, and so forth. Only cold numbers and personal opinion for an objective assessment with what and how to work. Let’s talk a little about the Russian product today. For example, I’ll take one of the most famous M1-shop (there won’t be any referrals, let them go to hell). They are all roughly the same with the same offers from the same providers. This is the largest in the CIS, so let’s look at it.

First of all, we see payments for offers. This is all for one confirmed order, after which the buyer will be upselled a hundred times, saying that nothing will work if you buy only one package, which reduces the percentage of redemptions, shave a few orders and after the hold will not pay some money. While on CBD goods they pay for a percentage of the purchase from the entire basket of really working offers, for which buyers will come back (from which we will get money again, without even spending on advertising) and will definitely be redeemed by mail, for which they will not block our account with all the money earned. But even if we want to work with payments for each purchase, here are the payments for CBD products.

In the CIS, many create their own teams and advertising departments responsible for traffic with promo departments and in-house designers, since it is very difficult for a beginner to start and, fortunately, it becomes more and more difficult for a Russian person to sell shit every day. Therefore, a good landing page and the same banners are simply necessary so that the buyer does not think that this is another Chinese shit that everyone is already fed up with.

But the same M1 has its own landing pages that will help us, you say? Yes there are. Let’s take a closer look at them. Let’s take one of the most popular offers, on which millions were raised at some time – joint cream “Zdorov”. Here M1 invites us to use as many as 12 landing pages! But they are all the same of two types the 1st and the 2nd.

Of course with triggers and other bullshit, but still pretty dull. So that you understand, the same M1 landing pages get stolen by 90% of other CPA networks. Their design is rather ugly, not even catchy.

“Adaptive” is mentioned in brackets. This means the landing page is optimized for any device and browser. That’s good. I copy the link and open it simply on the phone. It just doesn’t work. And not many people check it. They work from a computer and just run ads without looking. Okay. Let’s try another one (please click here). What the fuck is this? Just a reminder, it’s one of the top CPAs and its top offer! Just a massive butt hurting.

If you also launched an advertisement from VK (you can’t though, since VK prohibits such offers), but I’ll still take it as an example. These links simply will not go anywhere because it considers the site to be suspicious.

Even if the offer is super clean, cute and useful, many sites simply won’t let the buyer go to the general domains. Because our people love to spam them by mail, to fraud and advertise in every possible way, for which people complain and domains simply end up on black lists. Plus, often buttons do not work on them, there is no price, different data and other designer’s fuckups. Full-time layout designer for 30k rubles per month will not make a decent landing page, which costs more than a salary per term.

The post dragged on a bit, so I won’t even continue (I am already not talking about the abundance of different strange stuff, which is bought for 100 rubles, sold for 990, while “discounted” from 1990 and we are paid 500 for them). My goal is not to trash talk, but to show the advantages in all metrics of our business. Of course, pros and cons exist everywhere, but they shouldn’t be so obvious and dumb.

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