How To Increase Your Profit On Push

While driving to write an article, hell, I was freaking out. Half of the roads in my Rostov town were blocked. And why? Because knowledge is power! And the more you know in your niche, the more money you can raise, not forgetting about hard working arms and a smart head. With the knowledge acquired today from this post, you can increase your profits by about 20%!

So, let me remind you of our user path using the lotto example. Banner – Our site is on a server or such – and by clicking the button to play the site where the user is already buying a ticket.

Previously, using a script on the site, it was possible to open another of our ads in a new tab or new window for the user. For example, the same CBD products. That is, having paid for one user click, we roughly get two. But this thing has already been taken care of.

But another new one appeared! On our site, we can place a script that immediately after opening the page or clicking on any element (for example, the order button), will display a confirm button with any our text. For a user clicking on this button, we will be paid about as much depending on the country (almost all countries are there). The user of course will now receive even more advertising, but money is money, adding to the profit is always pleasant.

Installing a script on your site is not difficult, everything is simple according to the instructions. It’s very easy to do in steps and there is support in Russian. It looks something like this, but the user needs to click here. By the way, the service was made by the source PropellerAds, about which I already have an article.

This feature is suitable not only for us (it does not affect the number of orders, the user is not afraid and not lost), but also for owners of any websites with their own traffic. Therefore, use it as well:

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