Procrastination And How To Fight It

Well, who wants to do nothing? I want that too. That’s why I wanted a business.

I don’t want to burden you with the technical aspects of your work on this beautiful Friday, so today we’ll talk about procrastination. I often touched upon life problems and you really liked these posts, so I’ll leave links to them below.

For me, this is the most amazing and at the same time shitty feeling. It’s just amazing for the lazy. And the lazy person is the one who just gives no fuck. And if even a little fucks given that you are not doing anything, but you have to get your ass up, this is really procrastination. I wrote about it in the post “Why are you a schmuck.”

When the time is of the essence, I use the cool Pomodoro technique – I set the timer for 25 minutes and sit down to work. When the time is running out, I don’t give a fuck, I turn it off and continue working until I finish everything. Self-deception works. It’s just to make your ass sit to work. The worst thing is to start. I jump into the pool in the gym. At first it is cold and not cool, and then it feels ok and I don’t mind it.

Deadlines, to-do lists, and other shit don’t work with me. But there is an important facet that distinguishes a businessman. You can’t earn much with your own hands. Money is not a measure of labor, as I wrote about in this post. Therefore, one of the right decisions is to deligate manual work, leaving yourself a pleasant mental one. Thus, it is much more pleasant to procrastinate when you know that at least something is now definitely being done, though not by me, but for me. I wrote a little more about this in the post about investing.

But there is, as always, one “but”. To do this, you need to be a pro in your business and you will not be able to delegate everything to everyone at once. First you need to understand all the mechanics and nuances of any work yourself.

Well, for now I can advise you to delegate narrowly focused matters. Such as creating banners (let it be better inexpensively, quickly and efficiently done by a pro), digging in the code, installing scripts on the landing page and other technical garbage, which is simply much more difficult to study in a temporary equivalent than giving a small amount once.

This is also not a waste, but a kind of investment in due time for more important things.

For such small things, you don’t need your own employees, but a freelancer is enough. I use

At first, with these freelancers, there is a cool feeling when they work for you so that you can earn more. And they know it. This, to some extent, pushed me towards doing business. If it is of interest to you, later I will post how to select employees and the basics of organizing my business.

In the meantime, I recommend clicking at the blue text in this post and read the articles that many are very interested in. Then read about my own “Time Management”, thanks to which my ordinary day looks how it looks, how can I spend money so that they do not end. And at the end a wish to become a drug addict.

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