How to increase the open rate of creatives

More often I start posts with the phrase “Do you remember…” because there is already so much information on the channel that I myself forget what I wrote about and what I didn’t. So do you remember about the payment models for our advertising materials? Most often, this is a payment for each user click or for 1000 impressions of an ad creative.

It is often expensive for a beginner to pay for each click, especially in developed Tier 1 countries, and when paying for impressions, a common problem is poor open rate of creatives.

Today I will give some tips on how to get the user to click on the cherished ad.

All advice is strictly from my experience and hillbillies-marketers after having read the Internet and good books may be perplexed. But of course I don’t give a fuck, so let’s begin.

1) Through long tests, millions of ad impressions and life experience, it was revealed that all people are dumb. Therefore, in the text, be sure to write something like “click here for details” or “click here to order” or the big button on the picture “Buy now”. This greatly increases open rate.

2) Based on the conclusion of the first point – we are turning into a small girl and inserting emoji everywhere. One in the title and a couple in the description will suffice. For example, boobs. If you are a normal person and do not know how to use them, then copy from here.

3) A text with an open question or touching on any problem like: “Still broke? “More about lottery.” or “Mom notices it by smelling the fingers – Read about vape”. Well, you get the point. I even tested a creative with one word “Sober?” The open rate pleased me, but the number of purchases was not very good. Just don’t try to use Orlov’s magnet words and other crap on foreigners like: “SHOCK CONTENT! 1 HERE IS LOTTERY!!” The best creative is of your own.

4) Use a contrasting color in the photo. Black with green works best for me. Or just make a bold border. This will help grab attention.

5) Delight the viewer with news about a sale or discount, which is always there. If not, ask the manager to do it.

6) Add beautiful adjectives praising tickets and CBD products.

7) Do not forget about the correct translation of the text into different languages.

8) The brevity of the text is now already limited when creating advertising material, but you shouldn’t forget about it.

9) Good old caps where it is possible, but in moderation.

10) The main point is Tests. We are not our target audience. Wherever we would never clicked, they click on it like crazy on tests. No matter how beautiful the landing page we make, sales will flourish from the clumsiest one. You should always test everything and keep the best version. This is the main secret of our business.

If you still want to work with pay per clicks, then just write the name of the product in the forehead, or better the price with the buy button.

I recommend reading the article about triggers, you will like it, I guarantee.

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