Instagram As A Traffic Source

Hello there. Do not punch me, but I will converse on this topic. From the picture, you already understood everything. Account – mass following/liking – link to the offer. Roughly speaking, yes, but a little different.

I used to spend time in Instagram, get subscribers and everything was as it should be. Then the account was hijacked and I abandoned it. With traffic from IG I have negative memories from the days of advertising of personalized iPhone cases. The audience is shit there, a lot of freeloaders and inadequate people. As a result, for several years I forgot what IG is (well, of course, I followed some of my women 🙂

But recently, just from the phone, while having nothing to do, I created the simplest account, instead of photos I added several creatives separately with offers and their descriptions and an individual link to sell each one separately. It turned out “well” and took about 15-20 minutes. Instagram banned the link to our tracker because of the presence of the word “cannabis” in the domain, but any domain for 99 rub. with a simple redirect does the trick.

There is such thing that massively watches stories on the IG. A relatively new thing and has not yet completely become useless. We collect the hashtags and users, and for whose subscribers our account will watch stories. Then we just wait for traffic to the account and collect purchases. This happiness costs 900 rubles a month ( but you will get these 30 days for free.

There is not much to earn from this, but for a half an hour of life it’s still worth it. The bottom line of the post – traffic is everywhere. Just turn on your thinking to figure out how else you can get it, besides the simple acquisition in sources.

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