Cbd is doping no more

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA – those who have fucked up Russian athletes) have excluded CBD from the list of prohibited drugs.

The guys from Canada have published a list of drugs that are prohibited for use by athletes during preparation for the competition. The updated list has been approved by the WADA Executive Committee and will be in effect from 1 January 2020. The document is specially published three months before it has its full power, so that athletes and their entourage can properly check themselves the full power of the Mother Nature and get acquainted with any changes in health.

It’s better to let them smoke than drink like an animal. I think this is great doping. No stress and healthy sleep are much more pleasant than any chemistry for the natural improvement of personal metrics.

CBD also reduces pain in a many ways, including post-workout and injury pain. Many athletes smoke both before competition and during training. There are famous Diaz Brothers, Tyson, other MMA fighters, and in general almost every 5th athlete, not to say about ordinary people who are surrounded by the topic of CBD products, including idols-athletes, thanks to which we make piles of money.

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