Selling Lottery to the Sheikhs

Just in case before reading let me remind you how to use the cases. Let’s brake down the usual lotto advertising campaign with push notifications to the United Arab Emirates. Do not think that no one needs those there as everyone is rich. Do not forget that Arabs have a lot of attendants who look at their wealth every day and dream of living the same way, having come to work (there’s only 11% of the indigenous population). 70% of the male population with an average age of 33 is the ideal target audience. We can redeem 542000 unique clicks.

In short: Create a campaign in the tracker (here’s an article what a tracker is) with these settings. We edit the CPC after creating the campaign in the source. I use this landing page, but it can also be done in English (the article about translations).

Further, we create a campaign in the source (an article about what a source is) with approximately the same targeting, dividing the mobile and desktop traffic into two different campaigns.

There will be no third point because creating a campaign is a piece of cake. Now we are waiting for users who will switch from the push creative to the landing page, then, by clicking on the green button, they will buy a ticket, which will give us a delicious commission.

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