New Google Advertising Policy

November is here, and with it come changes in Google’s advertising policy. On October 1, advertising of “quack” methods of treatment such as green coffee, monastery tea and other shit, on which I made good money in due time, was banned, since CBD products have all licenses and a bunch of scientists has already given the results of many thousands of studies.

They have banned advertising financial products and services without special certification as well, which is not available in all countries or non-professional organizations. Russia is not on the list yet.

In December, Google will ban advertising for referral services that provide call forwarding or call recording services. However, the new policy does not restrict the advertising of online reference directory services or recording equipment.

Over time, all other traffic sources will follow Google as the market is constantly evolving and it is necessary to get transparent. In this regard, I strongly recommend that you refresh your memory on the article about trash offers of 10 years of age, which they still work with. They perish and annoy people every day, though this cannot be said about CBD and the lottery.

In our time, everything is changing rapidly, this is called progress. Money is for the one who is always on the crest of the wave and lives in the present, because the present will become the past tomorrow. Evolve, my friends!

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